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Developer: Ilfak Guilfanov
Publisher: Hex-Rays
Platforms: Windows, Linux
License: Proprietary
Latest Version: 5.5 / June 12, 2009
Download: Evaluation version
Website: IDA Pro


IDA Pro is an interactive disassembler with extensive support for a variety of operating systems, object file formats and processors.

Advantages with respect to Resource

A better user interface.

Disadvantages with respect to Resource

Lacks knowledge of symbols and defines, and ability to replace values with a selected symbol or define.


As a tool, IDA is very flexible, with users able to write plugins to provide custom functionality. This section lists plugins that automate some of the Amiga-related reverse engineering tasks.

Disassembling copper lists

Author: crabfists


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I've been mucking about figuring out how to write IDA plugins over the past few days and I've worked it out now - it's quite straight forward really. Somehow I thought there would be more of a learning curve but it's really not too bad. As something easy to start with I've written a "Copper list annotater" which, if you tell it where a copper list starts, will "disassemble" the copper list and add comments telling you what each copper instruction does (exactly the same as if you use the "o" command in the WinUAE debugger). I actually based it on the code from WinUAE to save re-inventing the wheel.

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