One concern when adding your own contributions to a remote project, is the waste of time your efforts become should the project disappear.

The policy of this wiki is that as a contributor, you should be able to obtain a copy of it. Should this wiki disappear, the value of your contributions will not be lost.

Obtaining a Backup

Wikidot allows a site administrator to generate an archive containing the latest copy. However, this has to be done by hand, and whomever is administrating this site will do it periodically, but not on demand. If you do not see a link to a recent backup (within the last fortnight) on this page, then you may request one from an administrator.

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Backup Contents

A backup does not contain every single change made to a wiki. It only contains the latest copy of each page (in the markup format it is edited in) and any attachments.

Hosting a Backup

If you are interested in hosting a copy of this wiki, then the most likely approach will require that you have a host and suitable software installed on it. The files included in a backup are in a readable text format, but one that only the Wikidot software can directly use. In order to host it, you have several options:

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