K240 Ore

Ore price

Analysis of the K240 save game file reveals a section that stores ore price data. Data is stored for 10 ores, and each ore has three longs and two words, of which the last word is padding (zero). The significance of each field is conjectured, rather than derived from analysis of disassembly.

Datatype Description (best guess)
Long Current price
Long Minimum price
Long Increment
Word Initial fluctuations
Word Padding (zero)
Current price Minimum price Increment Initial fluctuation Ore name
50 20 5 20 Selenium
80 30 5 14 Asteros
150 100 5 20 Barium
400 200 10 60 Crystalite
1200 1000 5 100 Quazinc
1300 1000 5 200 Bytanium
2300 2000 10 150 Korellium
3500 3000 10 200 Dragonium
50000 50000 400 250 Traxium
150000 100000 1600 250 Nexos

Comparison of the game executable with save games suggests that the first field is variable, while the other fields are constant. The second field is thought to be base price or minimum price, as the ore value has never been observed to drop below this value. The third is the step which the price increases or decreases by, as in all save games the current price minus the minimum price is divisible by the value in the third column. As the default price stored in the game doesn't follow this rule, it is probably ignored by the game. It is not specified what causes an increment, although it's probably time-based.

The fourth column is likely the number of price fluctuations applied applied to the minimum price at the start of the game to calculate the starting ore price. The beginning of one game had ore prices at the following number of increments above minimum: Selenium 11, Asteros 4, Barium 18, Crystalite 52, Quazinc 15, Bytanium 78, Korellium 36, Dragonium 26, Traxium 147, Nexos 121. It seems reasonable that this sets initial ore prices.

20 bytes follow the ore price data structure, which may be ten words, and appear in the game executable as follows: 001e 0001 000f 0009 001b 0005 0002 0007 001a 0019. Assuming these refer to the ten ores in order, the values would be as follows:

?? (hex) ?? (binary) Ore
1 00001 Asteros
2 00010 Korellium
5 00101 Bytanium
7 00111 Dragonium
9 01001 Crystalite
15 01111 Barium
25 11001 Nexos
26 11010 Traxium
27 11011 Quazinc
30 11110 Selenium
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