K240 Missiles

Missile construction data

A disassembly of K240 reveals an 88 byte data structure at position $1d662, which stores construction data for 11 missiles, using 8 bytes per missile (three words, two bytes). This reveals no new information, but may be of interest if editing the game's missiles, and demonstrates which order the missiles are stored in for reference by other data structures (such as asteroid data).

Name Description Cost (hex) Ore type Ore amount Missile name
004e 004f 03e8 00 01 Explosive
0050 0051 1f40 02 02 Area
0052 0053 1770 04 01 Napalm
0054 0055 4e20 04 03 Hellfire
0056 0057 c350 01 05 Nuclear
0058 0059 2710 00 03 Scatter
005a 005b 7530 08 01 Virus
005c 005d ffdc 09 01 Mega
005e 005f 9c40 06 02 Stasis
0060 0061 2328 03 03 Vortex
0062 0063 2710 02 04 Anti-Virus

Missile effects

The following missile effects were measured by firing missiles at a colony and measuring the damage by watching a location in memory using WinUAE. As some aliens may be resistant to certain damage types, this is not necessarily accurate. The effect of the nuclear missile on ships, the area of missiles, and the algorithm underlying Vortex movement and Napalm/Hellfire spread, have not been adequately measured.

Missile Effect
Explosive 10 damage. Strikes one square.
Area Explosive 10 damage. Strikes multiple squares.
Napalm 14 damage. Can spread to nearby buildings.
Hellfire 11 damage. Spreads well through densely packed buildings. May be able to strike the same building more than once.
Nuclear 16 damage, 43 damage to four-square buildings. Strikes every building on the asteroid, raises radiation, and can strike ships in orbit.
Scatter 10 damage, strikes over a wide area.
Vortex Random damage of 2, 4 or 6 per hit. Vortex wanders randomly, for a random duration, and can split at random.

Alien missiles

Some aliens have special missiles which are not available to the player. Like with special ship hardpoints, these missile effects replace the standard missile effect for that alien. The following list is possibly incomplete.

Missile Alien Effect
Vortex Kll'Kp'Qua Blue flash, reduces population by 20
Vortex? Swixarans? Blue flash, reduces population?
?? Tylarans Gold spinning vortex
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