K240 Hardpoints

Disassembly of K240 reveals two sets of data. At $1d816 in the game executable is a 32-byte structure storing the prices of hardpoints as sixteen words. At $1e7a8 is a similar structure storing the armour bonuses granted by each hardpoint. Neither of these reveal new information, but they reveal the ID numbers which K240 uses to refer to its hardpoints in other structures like ship data.

ID Name
$00 Ion Cannon
$01 Disruptor
$02 Napalm Orb
$03 Chaos Bomb
$04 Vortex Mine
$05 Laser
$06 Photon Cannon
$07 Plasma Cannon
$08 Static Inducer
$09 Warp Generator
$0a Deflector
$0b Shield x10
$0c Shield x20
$0d Shield x30
$0e Shield x40
$0f Shield x50

Hardpoint effects

The following hardpoint effects are observed by staging battles with the Kll'Kp'Qua and watching game save states generated by WinUAE. However, they have yet to be confirmed by examining disassembly of the game code. It's possible that some aliens have resistance to certain types of damage, which would make these readings inaccurate.

ID Name Effect
$00 Ion Cannon 5 damage. Strikes one square.
$01 Disruptor 5 damage. Strikes many squares. Can strike a 2x2 building more than once.
$02 Napalm Orb 14 damage, probably same as Napalm missile.
$03 Chaos Bomb 11 damage, probably same as Hellfire missile.
$04 Vortex Mine Appears to create the same Vortex as the Vortex missile: wanders dealing 2, 4 or 6 damage per hit.
$05 Laser 2 damage.
$06 Photon Cannon 4 or 8 damage.
$07 Plasma Cannon 5 damage.
$0a Deflector Unknown, possibly halves damage.

Alien hardpoints

Certain aliens possess ship hardpoints which aren't available to the player. After examining several save states, no alien ships have been observed to carry hardpoints with an ID number other than $00 to $0F. Certain hardpoints, in the hands of certain aliens, have an alternate effect. A similar effect applies to alien missiles. This list may be incomplete.

ID Name Alien Effect
$00? Ion Cannon? Tylaran A spinning golden vortex. Effect hasn't been measured.
$04 Vortex Mine Swixaran Blue flash, reduces population, causes recurring damage in a building
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