Address Name Description
DFF120 SPR0PTH Sprite 0 pointer (high 5 bits)
DFF122 SPR0PTL Sprite 0 pointer (low 15 bits)
DFF124 SPR1PTH Sprite 1 pointer (high 5 bits)
DFF126 SPR1PTL Sprite 1 pointer (low 15 bits)
DFF128 SPR2PTH Sprite 2 pointer (high 5 bits)
DFF12A SPR2PTL Sprite 2 pointer (low 15 bits)
DFF12C SPR3PTH Sprite 3 pointer (high 5 bits)
DFF12E SPR3PTL Sprite 3 pointer (low 15 bits)
DFF130 SPR4PTH Sprite 4 pointer (high 5 bits)
DFF132 SPR4PTL Sprite 4 pointer (low 15 bits)
DFF134 SPR5PTH Sprite 5 pointer (high 5 bits)
DFF136 SPR5PTL Sprite 5 pointer (low 15 bits)
DFF138 SPR6PTH Sprite 6 pointer (high 5 bits)
DFF13A SPR6PTL Sprite 6 pointer (low 15 bits)
DFF13C SPR7PTH Sprite 7 pointer (high 5 bits)
DFF13E SPR7PTL Sprite 7 pointer (low 15 bits)


These pairs of registers contain the address of sprite x DMA data.
These address registers must be initialized by the processor or
Copper every vertical blank time.

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