Address Name Description
DFF018 SERDATR Pot pin data read

SERDATR - Serial port data and status read.


This address reads data from a recive data buffer. Data in this
buffer is loaded from a receiving shift register whenever it is full.
Several interrupt request bits are also read at this address, along
with the data as shown below.

Bit Function Description
15 OVRUN Serial port receiver overun
14 RBF Serial port receive buffer full (mirror)
13 TBE Serial port transmit buffer empty (mirror)
12 TSRE Serial port transmit shift reg. empty
11 RXD RXD pin receives UART serial data for
direct bit test by the micro.
10 X Not used.
09 STP Stop bit
08 STP-DB8 Stop bit if LONG, data bit if not.
07 DB7 Data bit.
06 DB6 Data bit.
05 DB5 Data bit.
04 DB4 Data bit.
03 DB3 Data bit.
02 DB2 Data bit.
01 DB1 Data bit.
00 DB0 Data bit.
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