Address Name Description
DFF01E INTREQR Interrupt request bits (read)
DFF09C INTREQ Interrupt request bits (clear or set)


This register contains interrupt request bits (or flags). These bits
may be polled by the processor, and if enabled by the bits listed in
the next register, they may cause processor interrupts. Both a set
and clear operation are required to load arbitrary data into this register.

Bit Function Level Description
15 SET/CLR Set/clear control bit. Determines if bits
written with a 1 get set or cleared. Bits
written with a zero are always unchanged.
14 INTEN Master interrupt (enable only, no request)
13 EXTER 6 External interrupt
12 DSKSYN 5 Disk sync register (DSKSYNC) matches disk
11 RBF 5 Serial port receive buffer full
10 AUD3 4 Audio channel 3 block finished
09 AUD2 4 Audio channel 2 block finished
08 AUD1 4 Audio channel 1 block finished
07 AUD0 4 Audio channel 0 block finished
06 BLIT 3 Blitter has finished
05 VERTB 3 Start of vertical blank
04 COPER 3 Coprocessor
03 PORTS 2 I/O Ports and timers
02 SOFT 1 Reserved for software initiated interrupt.
01 DSKBLK 1 Disk block finished
00 TBE 1 Serial port transmit buffer empty
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