Address Name Description
DFF002 DMACONR DMA Control (and blitter status) read
DFF096 DMACON DMA Control write (clear or set)


This register controls all of the DMA channels, and contains
blitter DMA status bits.

Bit Function Description
15 SET/CLR Set/Clear control bit. Determines if bits
written with a 1 get set or cleared
Bits written with a zero are unchanged
14 BBUSY Blitter busy status bit (read only)
13 BZERO Blitter logic zero status bit (read only)
12 X
11 X
10 BLTPRI Blitter DMA priority (over CPU micro)
(also called "blitter nasty")
(disables /BLS pin, preventing micro
from stealing any bus cycles while
blitter DMA is running)
09 DMAEN Enable all DMA below (also UHRES DMA)
08 BPLEN Bit plane DMA enable
07 COPEN Coprocessor DMA enable
06 BLTEN Blitter DMA enable
05 SPREN Sprite DMA enable
04 DSKEN Disk DMA enable
03 AUD3EN Audio channel 3 DMA enable
02 AUD2EN Audio channel 2 DMA enable
01 AUD1EN Audio channel 1 DMA enable
00 AUD0EN Audio channel 0 DMA enable
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