Address Name Description
DFF07C DENISEID Denise/Lisa (video out chip) revision level


The original Denise (8362) does not have this register, so whatever
value is left over on the bus from the last cycle will be there.
ECS Denise (8373) returns hex (fc) in the lower 8 bits.Lisa returns
hex (f8). The upper 8 bits of this Register are loaded from the
serial mouse bus, and are reserved for future hardware implentation.

The 8 low-order bits are encoded as follows :

Bit Description
7-4 Lisa/Denise/ECS Denise Revision level(decrement to
bump revision level, hex F represents 0th rev. level).
3 Maintain as a 1 for future generation
2 When low indicates AA feature set (LISA)
1 When low indicates ECS feature set (LISA or ECS DENISE)
0 Maintain as a 1 for future generation

A proposed way to detect chip's revision through hardware poking :

    move.w 0xdff07c,d0    
    moveq  #31-1,d2
    and.w  #0xff,d0
    move.w 0xdff07C,d1
    and.w  #0xff,d1
    cmp.b  d0,d1
    bne.b  not_AGA
    dbf    d2,check_loop
    or.b   #0xf0,d0
    cmp.b  #0xf8,d0
    bne.b  not_AGA
    moveq  #1,d0
    moveq  #0,d0
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