Address Name Description
DFF098 CLXCON Collision control


This register controls which bitplanes are included (enabled) in
collision detection, and their required state if included. It also
controls the individual inclusion of odd numbered sprites in the
collision detection, by logically ORing them with their correspond-
ing even numbered sprite. Writing to this register resets the bits

Bit Function Description
15 ENSP7 Enable Sprite 7 (ORed with Sprite 6)
14 ENSP5 Enable Sprite 5 (ORed with Sprite 4)
13 ENSP3 Enable Sprite 3 (ORed with Sprite 2)
12 ENSP1 Enable Sprite 1 (ORed with Sprite 0)
11 ENSP6 Enable bit plane 6 (match reqd. for collision)
10 ENSP5 Enable bit plane 5 (match reqd. for collision)
09 ENSP4 Enable bit plane 4 (match reqd. for collision)
08 ENSP3 Enable bit plane 3 (match reqd. for collision)
07 ENSP2 Enable bit plane 2 (match reqd. for collision)
06 ENSP1 Enable bit plane 1 (match reqd. for collision)
05 ENSP6 Match value for bit plane 6 collision
04 ENSP5 Match value for bit plane 5 collision
03 ENSP4 Match value for bit plane 4 collision
02 ENSP3 Match value for bit plane 3 collision
01 ENSP2 Match value for bit plane 2 collision
00 ENSP1 Match value for bit plane 1 collision
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