Address Name Description
DFF106 BPLCON3 Bit Plane Control Register (enhanced bits)


Bit Function Description
15-13 BANKx Selects one of eight color banks, x = 0-2.
12-10 PF2OFx Determine bit plane color table offset when playfield 2
has priority in dual playfield mode :

000 : none
001 : 2 (plane 2 affected)
010 : 4 (plane 3 affected)
011 : 8 (plane 3 affected) (default)
100 : 16 (plane 5 affected)
101 : 32 (plane 6 affected)
110 : 64 (plane 7 affected)
111 : 128 (plane 8 affected)
09 LOCT=0 Dictates that subsequent color palette values will be
written to a second 12-bit color palette, constituting
the RGB low minus order bits. Writes to the normal hi
minus order color palette automattically copied to the
low order for backwards compatibility.
08 x Don`t care but drive to 0 for upward compatibility
07-06 SPRESx=0 Determine resolution of all 8 sprites (x = 0,1):

00 : ECS defaults (LORES, HIRES=140ns, SHRES=70ns)
01 : LORES (140ns)
10 : HIRES (70ns)
11 : SHRES (35ns)
05 BRDRBLNK=0 "Border area" is blanked instead of color (0).
Disabled when ECSENA low.
04 BRDNTRAN=0 "Border area" is non minus transparant (ZD pin is low
when border is displayed). Disabled when ECSENA low.
03 x Don`t care but drive to 0 for upward compatibility
02 ZDCLKEN=0 ZD pin outputs a 14MHz clock whose falling edge
coincides with hires (7MHz) video data. this bit when
set disables all other ZD functions.
Disabled when ESCENA low.
01 BRDSPRT=0 Enables sprites outside the display window.
disabled when ESCENA low.
00 EXTBLKEN=0 Causes BLANK output to be programmable instead of
reflecting internal fixed decodes.
Disabled when ESCENA low.
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