Address Name Description
DFF104 BPLCON2 Bit Plane Control Register (new control bits)


Bit Function Description
15 x don`t care- but drive to 0 for upward compatibility
14 ZDBPSEL2 3 bit field which selects which bitplane is to be used
for ZD when ZDBBPEN is set- 000 selects BB1 and 111
selects BP8.
11 ZDBPEN Causes ZD pin to mirror bitplane selected by ZDBPSELx
bits. This does not disable the ZD mode defined by
ZDCTEN, but rather is "ored" with it.
10 ZDCTEN Causes ZD pin to mirror bit #15 of the active entry in
high color table. When ZDCTEN is reset ZD reverts to
mirroring color (0).
09 KILLEHB Disables extra halfbrite mode.
08 RDRAM=0 Causes color table address to read the color table
instead of writing to it.
07 SOGEN=0 When set causes SOG output pin to go high
06 PF2PRI Gives playfield 2 priority over playfield 1.
05 PF2P2 Playfield 2 priority code (with resp. to sprites).
04 PF2P1
03 PF2P0
02 PF1P2 Playfield 1 priority code (with resp. to sprites).
01 PF1P1
00 PF1P0
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