Address Name Description
DFF100 BPLCON0 Bit Plane Control Register 0 (misc, control bits)


Bit Function Description
15 HIRES HIRES = High resolution (640*200/640*400 interlace)
14-12 BPUx Bit planes use
11 HAM Hold and modify mode, now using either 6 or 8 bit
10 DPF Double playfield (PF1 = odd & PF2 = even bit planes)
now available in all resolutions.
(If BPU = 6 and HAM = 0 and DPF = 0 a special mode is
defined that allows bitplane 6 to cause an intensity
reduction of the other 5 bitplanes. The color
register output selected by 5 bitplanes is shifted
to half intensity by the 6th bit plane. This is
09 COLOR Enables color burst output signal
08 GAUD Genlock audio enable. This level appears on the ZD
pin on denise during all blanking periods, unless ZDCLK
bit is set.
07 UHRES Ultrahi res enables the UHRES pointers (for 1k*1k) also
needs bits in DMACON (hires chips only).
Disables hard stops for vert, horiz display windows.
06 SHRES Super hi-res mode (35ns pixel width)
05 BYPASS=0 Bit planes are scrolled and prioritized normally, but
bypass color table and 8 bit wide data appear on R(7:0).
04 BPU3=0 See above (BPUx)
03 LPEN Light pen enable (reset on power up)
02 LACE Interlace enable (reset on power up)
01 ERSY External resync (HSYNC, VSYNC pads become inputs)
(reset on power up)
00 ECSENA=0 When low (default), the following bits in BPLCON3 are
EXTBLKEN. These 5 bits can always be set by writing
to BPLCON3, however there effects are inhibited until
ECSENA goes high. This allows rapid context switching
between pre-ECS viewports and new ones.
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